Our Reputation Marketing Process

At Reputation Sensei, we follow a proven process to help automotive dealerships leverage exceptional customer experiences to boost
their online reputation and drive more sales. Our comprehensive approach covers the entire customer journey.

  • Maintaining & Executing an Exceptional Customer Experience
  • Capturing Video Testimonials
  • Not Communicating Trust in their Marketing
  • Managing & Maintaining Online Reputation
  • Poor CSI Scores
  • Branding – Expanding Brand on Social Media
  • Circumventing Negative Reviews
  • Generating Google Reviews
  • Capturing UGC Delivery Photos
  • Visibility in Local Search Results
  • Sensei Academy Training
  • Sensei Says Testimonial App
  • Sensei Marketing
  • Reputation Sensei
  • Sensei Academy Training
  • Sensei Marketing
  • Reputation Sensei
  • Reputation Sensei
  • Sensei Says Testimonial App
  • Sensei Local SEO

Deliver a 5-Star Customer Experience

We start by training your team on best practices for crafting memorable experiences that “wow” customers at every touchpoint – from the initial greeting and test drive to the purchase process and follow-ups. Tactics like making real connections, anticipating needs, and delivering delightful surprises turn buyers into raving fans.

Generate Referrals and Reviews

Next, we equip you with skills to naturally encourage happy customers to promote your business through online reviews and word-of-mouth referrals to friends/family. This includes optimizing when/how to request feedback and make it easy.

Showcase Your Reputation

We then help you amplify your stellar reputation across marketing channels. Strategies include prominently displaying standout reviews/videos on your website, social media, ads, and even at your dealership. This social proof builds trust with prospects.

Monitor and Respond

Our reputation management software also monitors review sites and social media for you, alerting your team to any emerging customer issues. We provide response templates to promptly address concerns and protect your brand.

Marketing and Promotion

Finally, we turn your happiest customers into a volunteer marketing army by incentivizing them to share about their experiences across their networks. This authentic, user-generated content sparks viral word-of-mouth promotion money can’t buy.

Talk to Digital Marketing Experts That Understand What it Means to be an Automotive Dealer.

We rigorously train every member of our team on the ins and outs of the car business before anything else. Because if your marketing team doesn’t know how you operate, how can they be successful for you?

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