The Bar is Set High

The Sensei Standard

Reputation Sensei sets the bar high when it comes to delivering real value and results to franchise auto dealers seeking new ways to drive growth. As true partners, we take the time to deeply understand each dealer’s unique situation, vision, and goals. This allows us to craft customized marketing solutions that leverage the power of reviews, testimonials, and local reputation to increase visibility, trust, and new customer acquisition.

Built On

A Solid Foundation

Our “Sensei Standard” is built on a foundation of integrity, transparency, and accountability. We don’t just make promises – we document processes and guarantee results. Dealers receive a white-glove onboarding, clear strategy alignment, and consistent tracking against key performance indicators. Our technology and done-for-you services eliminate the complexity of managing digital marketing, freeing up dealers to focus on their passion – serving customers and growing their business.

Striving to Do It Better Every Time

The Sensei Standard reflects our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement. We constantly analyze data, test new ideas and refine our approach to stay ahead of market trends. We coach and train dealer staff to execute customer experience best practices that drive sustainable growth over the long term.

In short, Reputation Sensei’s “Sensei Standard” sets expectations high and then surpasses them. We partner with each dealer to realize their full potential, combining personalized guidance and support with cutting-edge marketing technology and expertise. The results speak for themselves in the form of more visibility, increased conversion rates, and lasting revenue growth.

How We Do It

The reason our system works is because we take care to address every part of the customer, client, or patient experience during our onboarding process.

We, through a series of videos and calls, train team members and stakeholders on the importance of the “conversations” that are had with customers, clients, and patients. This guarantees high volume of reviews generated and great marketing assets to share and promote.

Full-service, White Glove

When our clients understand the value of their efforts and the difference it’s making, execution is assured. Everything else is either automated by cutting edge technology or handled by our team in Georgia, personally. Make no mistake, we’re a full service, white glove, and concierge style operation, but our clients have a role and they know it. That’s the major difference, a collaborative and results driven partnership that allows for consistent growth of new client counts.

Constant Never Ending Improvement

The concept of Kaizen, constant and never ending improvement, comes from Chris. He knows the value of “build, measure, and learn” as a means to grow a business or perfect a process.

Chris has been an integral part of three multi-million dollar national marketing brands, he’s seen great success and experienced some significant failure as well. Chris understands that nothing is forever, the law of entropy is real. Anything man-made or God-made is built to go from order to disorder, unless constantly maintained and improved upon.

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