We Help Dealerships Turn Testimonials into Revenue

Explore how elevated trust can redefine your dealership’s success and customer loyalty, while turning your best customers into your best marketing asset.

Ready to become the most trusted
dealer in your market?

Dealerships today face a challenging landscape, with stiff competition and market pressures demanding innovative solutions to drive growth. Not to mention the evolving expectations of today’s car buyer.

Our strategies focus on dealership-wide training and showcasing genuine customer satisfaction, enhancing your reputation and driving business growth.

It all starts with an exceptional customer experience

Reputation drives revenue, and your reputation is what your customers say about your dealership.  The most testimonial worthy customer experiences are the result of consistent training and a relationship based sales process.

Our premier solution includes on-site training, and is proven to help dealerships like yours obtain the “Most Trusted Dealer” status in your area, which results in more referrals.

We help you capture positive sentiment from happy customers

We have a tested system for generating glowing reviews that communicate trust, integrity and professionalism. User-generated testimonials are the most effective marketing tools a dealership can have.

Amplify testimonials to build trust and attract customers

Bring the community back to the dealership and put the dealership back into the community. Now it’s time to market all of those positive testimonials! We help you broadcast your happy customers to in-market buyers and let your delighted fans be your secret sales weapon. 

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We eat our own cooking (check out our testimonials)

We know the automotive industry.

With over seven years perfecting our unique system, we’ve streamlined automotive marketing to deliver consistent, measurable results. By continuously refining our strategies through real-world application, we ensure that every dealer not only meets but exceeds their marketing goals.

We’ve been able to take our extensive online marketing experience and figure out what works and what doesn’t. Discover the strategies that will get your dealership more leads and transform how you connect with customers.

Reputation Sensei: Improve CX,
Build Trust, Win Customers

Your reputation matters more than ever with rising competition from online retailers. Transform customer experiences into dealership success. We equip you with the tools to consistently earn authentic 5-star reviews, turning satisfied clients into your most powerful advocates.  

When people search for dealers online, they want to see that your dealership has verified and trusted reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more.

Our reputation management and review system provides the following:

DMS Integrated Automated Review Requests
Signage & Review Cards
Phone APP for Salespeople
Circumvent Negative Reviews with Sensei Guard
Full Service “Done for You” Reputation Management
We Amplify Your Reviews to Your Online Channels

Capture Testimonials

We are experts in helping your sales team capture compelling testimonials from happy customers. Video testimonials are setting the bar for user generated content, but most dealerships lack a tested process for generating these assets.

We get it, most people aren’t comfortable in front of the camera! We’ve cracked the code and can teach your team how to consistently receive video, photo and written reviews. 


Sensei Social: Amplify the Message

Leverage user-generated content to strengthen your brand’s digital presence. Our strategic content marketing amplifies real customer stories across social platforms, enhancing engagement and fostering brand loyalty.