Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best process to generate Google reviews for my dealership?

To boost Google reviews for your dealership, we first recommend focusing on delivering the best possible customer experience to your clients. Then train your staff to have specific conversations asking for feedback on the experience. Customers are more likely to leave feedback when they know it’s important to the organization. Next, send them a direct link to your Google listing to leave feedback while they are in the store. Make it easy for the customer to leave a review. Technology certainly helps, however, best results are seen when combined with training and set processes. Reputation Sensei is a complete reputation managed service for automotive dealerships.

How can I encourage customers to provide video testimonials for my dealership?

Encourage genuine and honest feedback from customers by focusing on their actual experiences and emotions. Avoid scripting or overly directing testimonials, as authenticity is key to building trust with potential customers. Create a process with your sales team in the delivery of the vehicle where they have a conversation around the buying experience first. Ask questions about what they liked best about the experience, what they would tell others about the experience if they were referring someone to the store. Once you’ve warmed them up a bit, ask for a video testimonial. But, don’t ask them to perform. Jump in the video with them and interview them. Simply ask the same questions that you have just asked them so it comes across natural. We encourage specific training on this process as testimonials are extremely valuable tools to use in your marketing to communicate trust. Sensei Marketing helps dealers train their staff on this important function with our service offering.

How do I improve my dealership’s Local SEO?

First make sure that you have additional Google listings for separate department such as Service, Parts and Bodyshop. Make sure these listings are fully optimized with proper categories and have your services listed. Next, feed each listing reviews from customers and respond to these reviews in a timely matter. Last, add photos and Google post on a weekly basis. Sensei Local SEO is a complete managed for you service that takes care of all the dealership’s Google properties.